I work with mission-driven organizations who see a better future and understand that the best things come from small seeds and grow little by little.

I work best with organizations that:

Want to approach their inclusion and equity journey through the lens of anti-oppression, racial equity, and liberation.

Are willing to challenge the status quo of harmful ideas even when it is extremely uncomfortable to do so.

Are willing to show up to the work with open minds, curiosity, and a deep desire to see behavior change that benefits all humans, but especially those who are marginalized, discriminated against, excluded, or cast aside.

Client Partners

Because of the nature of my work and out of respect for my clients, I keep my client list confidential. Here is a sampling of the types of organizations I have partnered with and the work we’ve done together. 

Strategic plan & racial equity plan alignment

Worked with a youth-focused nonprofit in Chicago to align their racial equity priorities with their existing strategic plan. We wrote a new plan that better encompassed the organization’s shift to a racial equity lens.

Learning Experience Development

Worked with a university in Pennsylvania to develop and deliver a learning experience on Allyship to nearly 300 faculty and staff.

Learning Facilitation

Part of a global facilitation team delivering an inclusive leadership learning experience for a multibillion dollar Fortune 500 consumer packaged goods company with over 40,000 global employees.

Racial Equity Training

Design racial equity training for a national service organization and its members and grantees.

Racial Equity Assessment

Developed a racial equity assessment tool and process for youth-focused nonprofit in Chicago to help organization leaders embed a racial equity lens in their decision making.

Learning Facilitation

Designed and delivered a learning experience on the foundations of diversity, equity, and inclusion for a national healthcare consulting firm.

Charlotte, North Carolina

Strategic Planning & Alignment
Racial Equity Assessment
Racial Equity Action Planning
Learning Experiences
Brave Conversation Facilitation

Jasmine Parson Williams is an independent strategist who helps organizations do their part to address the institutional and systemic symptoms of oppression by focusing on the humans who drive the work.

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