Build equity into the core of your operations.

Equity matters. Make it a part of every organizational decision.

In a rapidly changing world, it is hard to predict what the future holds. Reliance on rigid long-range plans without the tools to adapt can cause your organization to get stuck along the way. Our approach to vision and strategy is agile, adaptive, and holistic. 

In your mission-driven organization, effective fulfillment of your mission means everything. I work with you to strengthen your organization from the inside out by applying a racial equity lens to the way your organization cares for its people, policies, practices, and programs. We can maximize your impact and strengthen your capacity to achieve your desired outcomes. 

Inclusion gives diversity permission to thrive. It is the first step into the deep work.

If your strategies do not include conscious focus on inclusion, you are missing the mark. 

A culture of inclusion is not only essential to your organization’s success, but it is a critical aspect of successful fulfillment of your mission.  I work with you to develop strategies and design programs that go beyond diversity to creating a culture of real inclusion where the humans who interact with your organization can have equitable  experiences. 

Let's figure out what is working so you can stop doing what isn't.

Racial equity forges a clear path for the liberation of all people from systems of oppression.

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Charlotte, North Carolina

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Jasmine Parson Williams is a strategist who helps organizations address oppression in institutions and systemic 

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