Helping organizations navigate the tricky parts of the human condition.

I help mission-driven organizations shift their approach to DEI through liberatory anti-oppression and anti-racist frameworks. 

I invite humans to be themselves.
Feeling excluded or like “the other” sucks. I know because I’ve been there. I invite people to stand in the authenticity of who they are and help them learn to offer that same grace to others.
I curate safe spaces for learning.

Learning experiences can be a valuable part of your equity journey story. I build experiences beyond traditional DEI training that focus on equity, justice, and healing the trauma of racism.

I facilitate brave conversations about tough topics.

Deeply authentic and vulnerable conversations go a long way in mitigating bias and building relationships. Sometimes you need extra support to get to a space of common ground.

Humans are the center of the work.

Move beyond the business case and turn your attention to what matters most: the humans enabling your organization to do world changing work.


How do we change behavior at the organizational level in a way that liberates all people from systems of oppression?


What can I do as an individual to understand how my actions and behaviors interact with those systems of oppression?

The work of equity and justice will take you beyond traditional DEI frameworks.

Listen, two humans in a room will always produce some type of diversity. If diversity is simply the existence of our differences in the various dimensions of human identity, then diversity is a fact and will always exist in some capacity. Focusing on “more diversity” can’t really be the  first step in the work, especially when the environment has not be prepared for the realities that come with true diversity.

A lack of representational diversity across various identity dimensions is more likely one visible symptom of a more complex dynamic. So how do you propel organizational thinking beyond traditional notions of diversity and inclusion in order to focus on the practices, policies, and people decisions that reinforce the harms caused by identity-based marginalization and discrimination ?  

You get deep into the work.

"We want to raise our awareness and expand our knowledge capacity in antiracism."

Learning & Knowledge Development

Let's build a learning experience tailored especially for your organization.

Learning should always be a catalyst to more sustained action. I can work with you to build an experience that goes beyond traditional diversity training.
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"We know we need to do something to be more inclusive, but we don't know where to start."

Organizational Strategy Consulting

Let's create an action plan that aligns your heart for inclusion with your brain for business.

It's okay to start small and grow your inclusion plan with intention. I can work with you to design an inclusion strategy that works.
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"We get it. We want to be an antiracist organization from the inside out."

Organizational Capacity Building

Let's design a plan to embed racial equity priorities into every aspect of your organization.

Racial equity can be a stepping stone to making your organization's practices equitable for all people. I can work with you to design an action plan to guide your work.
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Jasmine Parson Williams is an independent strategist who helps organizations think differently about their approach to inclusion and equity.

How I Approach This Work

I approach this work with a deep curiosity about and fervent hope for the human experience. I believe that every single person is valuable and should have the freedom to live unapologetically in the authenticity of who they are without judgment, without prejudice, and without fear. When, as a society or as individuals, we fail people in that regard – my personal commitment is to show up and do what I can to help repair the harm and guide us into a better experience.

I approach this work with humility, sometimes having more questions than answers, but always with a resolute commitment to keep showing up.

I approach this work with an entrepreneurial spirit and the audacity to try something new, try something different, or try something that goes against the grain. I never do things the exact same way twice, because I’ve never met two situations that were exactly the same.

Charlotte, North Carolina

Strategic Planning & Alignment
Racial Equity Assessment
Racial Equity Action Planning
Learning Experiences
Brave Conversation Facilitation

Jasmine Parson Williams is an independent strategist who helps organizations do their part to address the institutional and systemic symptoms of oppression by focusing on the humans who drive the work.

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