Doing the work to take organizations from traditional DEI to equity and justice for all.

The work of equity and justice will take you beyond traditional DEI frameworks.

Doing the work that reverses the wrongs of history and seeks equality, fairness, and justice for marginalized populations in every system must be a mindful and intentional choice.

And that work will take you beyond the traditional (and still very necessary) approaches to organizational diversity and inclusion. So how do you propel organizational thinking beyond traditional notions of diversity and inclusion in order to focus on the practices, policies, and people decisions that reinforce the harms caused by identity-based marginalization and discrimination ?  

You get deep into the work.

Jasmine Parson Williams is an independent strategist who helps organizations tap into the unique way they can pursue equity through their world changing work.

How I Approach This Work

I approach this work with a deep curiosity about and fervent hope for the human experience. I believe that every single person is valuable and should have the freedom to live unapologetically in the authenticity of who they are without judgment, without prejudice, and without fear. When, as a society or as individuals, we fail people in that regard – my personal commitment is to show up and do what I can to help repair the harm and guide us into a better experience.

I approach this work with humility, sometimes having more questions than answers, but always with a resolute commitment to keep showing up.

I approach this work with an entrepreneurial spirit and the audacity to try something new, try something different, or try something that goes against the grain. My solutions are rarely exactly the same, because I’ve never met two situations or organizations that were exactly the same.

Inclusive Leadership Coaching

Expanding knowledge capacity is a great first step, but it can be tough to activate what you’ve learned about equity and inclusion in your leadership approach. Get support partner for the everyday decisions.